“I never lose, I win or I learn” Connor Mcgregor.

Keen Windsurfer¬†After catching the golf bug at the age of 12 I spent several years at Birchwood Golf Club where I had great success as a ¬†junior member. Having always had a sense for adventure at aged 18 I moved away from home and spent several years traveling and working in various country’s. The highlight of which being 5 years living in Whistler, Canada enjoying the skiing in winter and golf in the summer. Along the way I became a qualified ski and windsurf instructor.

In June 2012 I moved back to the UK in order to persue a career in golf coaching.

Since turning professional in Oct 2012 I have rapidly developed into a successful forward thinking modern day golf coach. I’m now dedicated to keep improving as a coach and be the best that I can be. Along with coaching I remain active as player competing in as many tournaments as I can, always looking to improve. I’m highly passionate as a coach and thoroughly enjoy helping others to improve and reach their potential.

If my students are willing to invest in me I believe I should be willing to invest in myself. Through attending various seminars, courses and learning from experts in their field I continually increase my understanding of the improvement process. There is always more to learn, knowledge as a golf coach is something that can never be complete. I strive to be informed in all areas far beyond that of just technique. This holistic approach as a golf coach, consistently provides my students with the results they desire.