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A great opportunity to experience difference golf course in a fun / relaxed environment

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What do I need to wear?
There isn’t a dress code for these events. Please wear comfortable clothing taking into account the weather forecast for the day. Trainers and sport type clothing is ideal but whatever your son/daughter feels comfortable in is fine.

Can I play in one or two events or do I need to play all of them?

Each event is structured as a standalone day. You can play in as many or as few as you would like.

How and when do I pay?

Payment must be made online at the time of booking and must be done at least 72 hours before each event. This can be done at

Do I need an adult to come round with me?

Adults are more than welcome to go round with the juniors but it is not a requirement. We will endeavor to have at least one adult with every group for duty of care purposes.

If I don’t have my own clubs will I be able to borrow some?

Yes, there will be clubs available to borrow but if this is required it must be communicated at the time of booking so we can arrange suitable (right/left handed and correct length) clubs for you.

I don’t know how to score. Does that matter?

Not at all, the aim of these events is to experience playing on the golf course in a fun way. There will be people to help or do it for you.

Do I have to score?

No, if you would like to come along and play but not keep score that is fine.

Can I play in the same group as my friends?

Whilst we will make every effort for this, we can’t guarantee it. If your son or daughter is lacking in confidence/nervous about playing and this will help please let us know. Part of the Sussex Junior Player Series is to make new friends so even if we can put your son/daughter with one of their friends they will probably be with one other person as well.

On the day what time will I be teeing off?

This varies depending on the venue. Most of the host clubs have given us afternoon times but exact timings will be emailed out a minimum of two days before the event. On the day you should ensure you arrive and register at least 20 minutes before your allocated tee off time.

What happens if it is raining on the day? Will the event be cancelled?

Golf is (within reason) an all-weather sport so raining doesn’t mean the event will be cancelled. However, safety and enjoyment are our prime objectives so if the weather is deemed to be unsafe or too poor the event will be cancelled. If this happens, it will be communicated to you via email.

For Year 6 and over, will they play full length holes or reduced length holes?

They will be reduced length holes with further details listed below. If you son/daughter has progressed to a level where they enjoy completing full length holes in an appropriate amount of time, the ‘Sussex Futures Tour’ may be more appropriate for them.

Will there be an Order of Merit?

We do not run an order of Merit for the Sussex Junior Player Series. However, this is reviewed every year. Although Order of Merits recognize and encourage commitment to attending the series we believe our current structure (prizes for the top 2 in each age category) gives an appropriate level of competition for the age/ability that we have aimed the Sussex Junior Player Series at.

What are the length of holes for the different age groups?

When considering the lengths of each hole we consider the difficulty of each specific hole and the affect this will have on enjoyment and speed of play. We will work towards the following range but if a specific hole is deemed ‘difficult’ the hole maybe shorter:

Reception – Year 2 – 80-100 yards
Year 3 – Year 5 –120-140 yards
Year 6+ 150-180 yards

Is it possible for my son/daughter to play ‘up’ an age group?

Yes they can compete ‘up’ an age group. However, before you choose to do this please can you consider:

– Does your son/daughter want to?
– Can they complete the longer holes quickly?
– Do the longer holes represent an appropriate challenge for your son/daughter’s current ability level?
– What is your son/daughter’s motivation for playing? Research from other sports suggests that children put ‘playing with friends’ very high on the list of reasons for playing. If this is the case playing up an age group could result in their enjoyment dropping.
– Longer holes don’t necessarily mean more challenging. A lot of the time short shots are the challenge. What will your son/daughter benefit from most?

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